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I live in USA.I started taking photographs because of my mom (who lives in India), so she could see the beautiful things i see here and have a glimpse in to my world.It was my way of thanking her for teaching me to love nature especially flowers, sunrises and sunsets. It makes me happy that I can bring joy to her and keep connected to her every day through my pictures.

I joined this project to follow my friend's 365 project but now I am hooked on to it. The feedback and encouragement from other photographers is amazing and inspiring.  I am hoping to learn a few techniques and improve my photography skills so i can share with my mom(and may be a few others) what i find picture worthy around me. So criticism and guidance is absolutely  always welcome. I look forward to every day to see what others have uploaded and love learning new ways to looking at things from that.

Taking a picture for 365 is the moment in my day that brings a smile on my face. But it's your comments and feedback on my pictures turns that smile into happiness. I sincerely appreciate your feedback.