I am a million different people inside
thanks to my friend K.Gouda who made the backgroud :)
@miranda @bradsworld @indiannie_jones @tamallamma @hellcat @bradsworld @miranda @lislee75 @bill_d @kidatheart @kropka @potsbypam @worldshaker @andycoleborn @cdford @overth3rainb0w @sarethephotos @execlusivezone @amyhughes @clarissajohal @zboom @bruni @cyrg

thanks a Million for your priceless support
I have learned alot from all of you and your comments were so supportive and encouraging to me than you would guess
thanks again
please do keep in touch with me
posted March 20th, 2011  
a year had passed and all because of you all
posted March 20th, 2011  
wow.... this is wounderful
posted March 20th, 2011  
Definitely will! Gorgeous shots :) xxxx
posted March 20th, 2011  
Gosh, we are going to miss you Heba. Won't be the same without you here. Will stay in touch. Thank you for so much inspiration, courage and humour. Big hugs xxxx
posted March 20th, 2011  
I loved watching your life from afar, way over the oceans and on the other side of this big, big world! 365 is such a wonderful entity for letting us do so! Good luck in everything you do!
posted March 20th, 2011  
You are a million different people in the form of one amazing woman. Thank you for sharing her with us. I'll miss seeing those brilliant selfies of yours on 365. Wishing you all the best of everything in your life. I'll be in touch ~ Hugs to you, sweet Heba! :)
posted March 21st, 2011  
Loved seeing your photos. Wishing you the best and you will be missed. Great ending to this project.
posted March 21st, 2011  
:D :D
posted March 21st, 2011  
You are very creative and talented. I enjoy your photos.
posted March 21st, 2011  
Congrats! This turned out really cool, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to view your images, and get to know you. Big hugs.
posted March 21st, 2011  
posted March 21st, 2011  
This looks great! I'm going to miss your photos.
posted March 21st, 2011  
awww! it was a pleasure following you!! :)
posted March 21st, 2011  
wow! Excellent!
posted March 22nd, 2011  
LOVE this!! What a wonderful ending of you project!! All your photos are a delight!
posted March 23rd, 2011  
I will miss seeing your wonderful photos! You are so talented and I would love to meet you some time!
posted March 27th, 2011  

My name is Marta Costa, I’m a girl from Portugal, currently studying in my last year of High School ( 12th grade ) in the field of Arts. For our Multimedia Class we have to make an Individual Project and I decided to do a documentary plus a videoart, inspired on Steve Reich’s work.

The reason why I’m contacting you is to have your authorization to use parts of your 365 project, use your photography’s to be more precise, in the videos I want to create.

The reason why I choose to focus in the 365 project comes with my personal interest and curiosity for photography and I also invested my time in such project. It’s inspiring, it’s interesting, it’s intriguing which picture picked for each day and there are such wonderful works around there. If you are interested to see what i've done until this day, you can follow me at

If you agree in letting me use your work, I would appreciate if you could submit your name (First and Last, preferably), Country/Home Town where you live at the moment and a brief opinion about what the 365 project means to you.

For example, why did you start it? Do you enjoy working on that project? In which ways the project is related with your daily life? Do you tend to expose your own routine in the pictures or you look more at what’s around you? Overall, do you like or dislike the results you are getting? Does is at have emotional meaning or you see it more like a hobby? Are you enjoying it enough to proceed with it until the end?

Note that this Individual Project has no profitable ends and it will only be exposed to and analyzed by teachers and classmates, including the name of the author and respecting the rights of his/her work.

If any more information is necessary about me or about my project to feel reassured about allowing me to use your work, please, be my guest to ask.

Thank you for your time and I shall wait for an answer.

posted May 9th, 2011  
@martafilipa hey dear would you please send me your mail or sthg so we can communicate better and send you wt is on my mind
posted May 9th, 2011  
Hiya Heba... Hope you life is good, just thought I'dcheck in and say hello as you popped in to my mind today.. I walked past a shop in London called the Heba Woman's Project and thought it was a shame I never took a photo whilst you were doing the 365 ghing.. Anyhow... Hope all is well (or rather All Iz Well as Aamir Khan would say in 3 Idiots (superb hindi movie if you get the chance to see)...) :-)
posted May 10th, 2011  
Hello again.
My personal email where you can send me what you wish to share is:
posted May 15th, 2011  

Well sorry for this late reply but i haven't got any time left to do it.
The video will be public on youtube until next week, if anybody don't agree with the fact that the video is now public, i will remove it. If not, the video will be in youtube forever.

(Here's the link: )

If you have any problem with it, please tell me as soon as you can.

Thank you,

Marta Filipa Costa
posted June 7th, 2011  
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