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2016: Yep! I'm still here folks! My photography continues to grow and develop and I love being in this community and watching people come in, and grow in their skills with a camera. I still post here but obviously not as much these days. Here is where I come when I want to enjoy the fellowship of other like minded artists. So many good ones have stayed on here. I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon either...

my website: pattywaymire.com (this is where I keep my portfolio of work)

2015: Can't seem to leave this place...! I tend to wander in and out now, but still love coming back here and seeing all the great work everyone is doing. Always an inspiration and always a welcoming photography community.

WOW! Here I am again...another year in this great community!
Similar to last year, posting daily is a real challenge for me, given my insane work schedule. I have been dedicating my time to working the various weekly challenges, and will continue to do so this year. I like being able to dedicate my time to working on a single challenge for a week. I don't feel the stress of posting every day, but it allows me to stay focused on photography as a whole.

I've set some goals for myself in my photography this year that I also plan to work on.
1) set up a photography website
2) enter some photography contests

Looking forward to spending time with all you photogs out there, and watching everyone grow in their photography skills!
Now let's get back to snapping away...! :-D

I plan on staying on with this great community, but won't be pushing myself as hard to post a photo every day. There were times when that became stressful to me and I'd like to simply enjoy the art that is photography this year.

As I start my second year on this project, I reflect back on the many things I've learned about myself and my photography journey.

1. my camera has become an extension of my body, I don't go anywhere without it

2. my eyes see more and I appreciate so much now, as I look around me

3. shadows are amazing

4. simplicity is stunning

5. b&w can be very powerful

6. I know how to use all the dials and settings on my camera

7. I understand each of my lens and know which one works best for each shot

8. I couldn't have come this far without this project or all the wonderful, intelligent, talented people on this site

9. I've been pushed out of my comfort zone many times in 2012, and I found that I enjoyed it

10. My life has been changed by this project and my camera

Thank you to all of you that took the time to comment on my work and my development in 2012, and for the many challenges you offered me. None of this would have been possible without you.

So I took the challenge!

Practice my photography every day and at the end of the day, post my best shot...for the entire year! That's how I landed here.

What was I thinking?

All I know is that this has already been challenging, and fun, and at times, a struggle to come up with time to shoot.

But it is also teaching me to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. To see lighting in a different way. To search for composition in places I wouldn't normally. And to practice, practice, practice.

I know there's a photographer in me that's waiting to evolve. By the end of the year I should in theory, have discovered her.

I live in Southern California where the weather is wonderful year around and with so much to shoot right in my own back yard, how could I not pick up a camera!