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HI there;
I have a love of photography, and its my big passion. I do not know much about the technical aspects so hope to learn lots here, and definitely inspired and might make some new friends too...love it!! I am amazed with all the great photographers on this site. So many kind and supportive friends! I guess I too have become a 365 addict! I think that is a good thing! ;o)
Right now I just have an aim and shoot camera...so the photos are not the best, but at least i have a camera! Taking photos is like breathing to me. I just have to be able to capture what I see. It is just torture for me to not have a camera when there is always something I want to capture. I try to mostly take nature/scenic shots. I am a big nature girl here and there is so much natural beauty in BC and on the island that I live on. I am loving my time here and all the great people I am meeting, and I thank everyone for taking time to view/comment/fav and teach me and inspire me. I appreciate all the comments and encouragement.
I am so thrilled that a few of my photos made the PP page. Wow, that is so exciting and such a wonderful compliment to me!

Here are my PP photos that made it so far.. http://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=softeze