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I finished a 365 Project a few years ago and have almost started a new one a few times. I enjoyed looking at so many 365 friends' photos that year and look forward to new friends and new pictures and maybe find some of the old friends again.
My life is entirely different now than it was then: after 14 years of being single, I got remarried, have two step daughters, FOUR dogs, and am living at the coast again after 29 years in the valley (Oregon, USA). At just shy of 51 years old, it's tough to teach this old dog new tricks; but life has a way of making it happen anyway. It's been difficult to get out and get pictures to improve my skill set; so I determined to go ahead and start a new 365.
My husband was with the fire department for 30 years, and in late 2017 was forced to take a medical retirement. He was our Fire Marshal; he LOVED his job and it's very hard not to be in that position anymore. But he's starting to volunteer with a few things, and still goes to meetings to hang out with his fire family and give advice, and whatnot. I am have been their official photographer for two years. I am not 100% qualified for that; but I hope my love of photography and editing and learning new things offsets that a bit! So you may see some fire photos once in a while from a "burn to learn" or something.
Happy year, everyone!