I will never be forgiven for this by sourkraut

I will never be forgiven for this

Now I remember why I was so glad to finish my 365 project. The pressure of getting a good shot for the theme can really get you down.

This week's Paint the Moon theme is "framed." I had a few good ideas but they all required lots of natural light. Of course, the only time I'm home when there's light coming through the windows is on the weekend, so I had to wait until then. I was pretty busy so by the time I settled down to try out my ideas it was already late Sunday afternoon, the last day to post my photo. Turns out all of my ideas were horrible failures so I found myself rushing around in the rapidly dying light trying to come up with another idea. Any idea would do, really. So this is what I came up with at the last minute. I don't think she'll ever forgive me for this indignity.
Bahahaha! Poor kitty!
March 4th, 2012  
lolol.... cute!
March 5th, 2012  
this is hilarious. I heard about breading and was tempted to try it on my cat. I can't believe you cat just let you take this photo.
March 5th, 2012  
HAHAHA this is brilliant!
March 5th, 2012  
LOL; such a great shot - a fav
March 5th, 2012  
That is so cool but crazy. LOL
March 8th, 2012  
OMG fav. This made me smile so hard!
March 8th, 2012  
Ha! Hilarious!
March 18th, 2012  
heheeheeee this made me laugh, good one :)
May 11th, 2012  
hahah this made me laugh. such a great shot :)
May 21st, 2012  
This is awesome. And he's judging you.
July 14th, 2014  
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