by sourkraut

Howdy, all. Long time no see. I finally busted out the ol' camera again to take some pics of my adorable sleeping feline.

This is Bunsen, who rarely sits still long enough to, well, do much of anything. He's thin as a rail and since I know what a huge appetite he has I can only assume that's due to his constantly being in motion. Except for this rare moment of inactivity. I hope it wasn't wrong to combine a whole roasted chicken with a bottle of NyQuil. It was all for the sake of art so that makes it ok, right? :)
welcome back - he looks very comfortable
January 27th, 2013  
Thanks, Harry!
February 3rd, 2013  
awww so snuggly and adorable...sooo are you back to 365 then??? :)
February 3rd, 2013  
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