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2021 and just starting year 3, with the community.
Trying to get back into the basics, of just taking photos and having fun.
No pressure or hype, just casual fun.

Hi everyone
I just finished up my first year on the site. Below are some of my thoughts regarding my first year being a part of this great community.

Why did I joined the 365 community:

1. To expose my shots / work, to a larger audience, more than just to myself and family members and friend.
Looking for honest non-partial feedback.

2. To lean from others with more knowledge and experience

3. To force myself to practice taking shots on a regular basis.

4. To force myself to become more proficient with photo editing software.

5. To improve and learn as much as possible about photography, and explore the possibilities of where this hobby might take me in life.

Year 1 Self Reflection:

1. It takes a lot of work and time, to do this on a daily bases.

2. I did’t really understand the term “Writers Block”. Now I really do know what it mean, as well as what it feels like.

3. Thinking creatively is a lot of hard work, for someone who is not a very creative person.

4. Not every shot has to be / or is going to be a perfect award winning work of art shot. Let’s be real, I am far from a pro. This is a fun hobby, so keep the expectations at that level and strive to improve. As long as you are happy with the photo, that is what matters. Keeping in mind;
a) Not everyone is going to like your creation or vision, and that is ok. But I am very open to, and want feedback to work toward improvement.
b) Failing is ok. Just learn from the experience and try it again, Learn from the failure.
c) Not every shot is going to turn out exactly as you might have envisioned. And that too is ok.

Year 2's path:

1. Attempt to put myself out there more to get more feedback.

2. Try somethings outside of my normal comfort zone.

3. Don’t stop learning, trying, or failing.

4. Don’t let fear hold you back.

I am sure that this list will look different by the end of my year 2 adventure. It should be an interesting journey and adventure.