What Is That Thing? by spuddy

What Is That Thing?

New York circa 2010
Horizon Kompakt with 35mm film. The guy with glasses was very interested in my camera due to its noisy clockwork lens feature. We had a brief discussion and I took his email because he wanted to see the image...but I lost it :/
Mother guy? Noisy clockwork lens features? Still sounding Greek to me :) And a great photo. Lovely to see you film shots.blowing my little iPhone snaps out of the water on a daily basis :)
February 20th, 2021  
@carolinesdreams that was supposed to say ‘the guy’ but my fat thumbs betrayed me :)
The lens on this camera sweeps from left to right to take the long photo using some kind of internal cog mechanism, hence the noisy clockwork bit :)
Not blowing you out of the water at all! You’re very much in the water and I’m loving seeing your side of the world :)
February 20th, 2021  
very cool
February 20th, 2021  
Way coolio. Does that thing still work?! Awesome
February 20th, 2021  
@aikiuser who knows? 😂
I should really have a looksy
February 20th, 2021  
Wow, this is cool
February 20th, 2021  
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