This project has become so personal for me, being the Year I Lost My Dad...

and the hiatus between his death on August 12th and his memorial service on November 2nd (due to renovations at my parents' church) has made it feel as though I'm obsessing on one topic.

Anyway, I'm so pleased that I'll have this record to look back on.

Friday I went to the lake to finish writing the tribute I'd be reading the next morning in Massachusetts.

Some of you may remember the "Crouchy Guy" seen here. I've tagged my other three Project shots he's in with "crouchy".
Oh. I really really love this
posted November 6th, 2013  
This is so lovely
posted November 6th, 2013  
I don't agree that you are obsessing over one subject. It's a huge life change and you've handled it in an eloquent way.
posted November 6th, 2013  
When my Dad died 53 years ago, someone told me to remember the good times with him instead of thinking about the loss. I still remember that more than a half century later. Wise words.
posted November 6th, 2013  
Oh! c'est magnifique!
posted November 6th, 2013  
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