Unsaturated September sunrise

A Facebook friend asked if my picture of the day was a "real" sunrise, so I thought I'd upload the photo before I upped the saturation to show how it looked before ETSOOI-age.

The picture I posted is here:
Beautiful colours and lines. Love it.
posted September 15th, 2013  
I like this one better, but I am more of a realism kind of guy. If this was mine I would play with brightening the shadows instead of saturating the colors the colors.
posted September 15th, 2013  
I'm with Ross--this one is my preference. Color works great on it's own. I work with highlights and shadows but I'm so bad at landscape shots. It's on my personal push notice in the final stretch of 365. I need to "back away from the subject!" Really beautiful composition here. @rvwalker
posted September 15th, 2013  
I prefer this, too. How amazing to see this kind of sunrise!
posted September 15th, 2013  
Yup, agreeing with the others. These colours, but the shadows brightened (and perhaps a bit of detail added) would be my thing, too. In any case, a glorious sunrise it seems to have been.
posted September 15th, 2013  
posted September 15th, 2013  
Des grands formes et superbes couleurs!
posted September 15th, 2013  
I prefer this version as well. So gorgeous!!
posted September 23rd, 2013  
I didn't know the sun rose over the gardens, I have a shot of these gardens with no sunrise, I'm from the Lakes Region also! Awesome photo neighbor!
posted January 23rd, 2014  
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