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UPDATED: I love black and white, but I'll go either way as the mood strikes. I like street-type photography, abstracts, still lives, the mundane and the odd. Anything that takes my fancy. Joy is great to capture if I can find it, but I especially love finding beautify in the margins and the inadvertent strategies of living. I have not outlined any specific kind of project or subject matter to work on. If I do have a project it is simply to frame the fleeting and ephemeral and try to find beauty in unexpected places.

I have three albums
1st: my default 365 album in which I will (as best as I can) keep up with the daily/semi-daily captures.

2nd: "my challenges and other stuff". The challenges album will include photos I post solely for challenges and for any other random reason (such as comparisons for critique?).

3rd: "mini-projects". I plan to put post collections/on-going projects concerning a particular subject or technique or ???. Just to dig a little deeper or deal with pre-occupations!