get-pushed-154 - take picture f/5.6 or lower  by stephanies

get-pushed-154 - take picture f/5.6 or lower

My first get pushed challenge was from @summerfield and it was to take a picture f/5.6 or lower and to give the exif info.

The lowest I could go was f/2.8
Shutter speed: 1/160
ISO: 800
White Balance - auto

This f number has a very, very narrow depth of field that drove me a little crazy if I am honest. I took the picture quite a few times moving the trinket and myself around to try and get the "phasing out" more consistent to how I would have liked it. This is not ideal, but the best of a number of shots I took.

The composition of it also drove me a little nuts too, especially how much of the reflection to leave in. I have cropped it down a little, but I am still not sure if I like it. I also wish I had raised the camera a tiny little bit too, to give a tiny bit more room at the very top of the trinket.

Out of interest and for comparative purposes, I took a few shots of the trinket at f/5.6 which resulted in approx. 80% of the trinket being in focus, I found this interesting.

Thank you @summerfield for this challenge. It was an interesting push and I certainly learnt from doing it.
First push completed @summerfield
July 8th, 2015  
so now you're off auto. it is nice to be able to control the camera, isn't it? the test for shots at this f stop is the blur of the background which would have been more dramatic had there been something back there. but the 'soupy' quality of the background is very nice. aces!

btw, when you use a phrase for your tags, you should enclose the words in double quotations so that they would appear on the tags as you typed them. also the tag for this challenge is get-pushed-154
July 8th, 2015  
@summerfield Hi I changed the tag line, but I am not sure if I did it right. I am not sure I understand what you mean by double quotations? - do you mean that I should write it like this: "get-pushed-154" ? Sorry for the question, thanks for any help.
July 9th, 2015  
@stephanies - yes, but only when you use spaces like "take a picture" then it will come out as it is on the tags. without the quotations, the site's system will read each word as individual or separate tags. if you type it take-a-picture that is fine.

as an example, see my post and let your cursor hover on the tags.

your get-pushed tag is fine now. if you need any help, let me know. i learned a lot from other people here and am glad to help out, too. :-)
July 9th, 2015  
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