Get pushed challenge - take 3 shots in different ways and make a triptych by stephanies

Get pushed challenge - take 3 shots in different ways and make a triptych

So my challenge this week was to "...choose a subject in nature and take the same shot three different ways, i.e. different depth of field, different times of day, or using your three cameras. Then combine the shots in a triptych."

So, I decided to go with dof and to use my macro lens. SO interesting!!! I have been kind reluctant of closing down the aperture with this lens because it means longer speed and I can't hand hold the camera.... Now just why this bothered me I do not know really... Anyway, it was blatantly obvious that I can not hand hold for smaller f stops so I had no choice but to use the tripod......something else I don't like doing either.... I then discovered that because I am heavy handed, pressing the shutter caused motion blur and as I don't have a remote.... I had to use the 2 sec timer. So funny to think that such a relatively straight forward challenge could involve so much extra thinking and learning.

So, I took the 3 pictures from left to right with the following exif... All were taken with ISO 100 to try and eliminate grain as much as poss although I could have gone up a bit higher I guess

Pic 1: f/9 @ 1/2 sec

Pic 2: f/20 @ 2 secs

Pic 3: f/32 @ 5 secs

It was so interesting to see the differences between each picture. I am not sure that the differences are so noticable in this triptych but on my full screen I can see exactly where the dof begins and ends and how much of the picture is in focus and out.

I really enjoyed this challenge, it pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways. Thank you @dmcoile
@dmcoile sorry so late Dianna, had a really busy week.
September 4th, 2015  
Wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed this and were pushed to try something new. It's funny, I've been working to overcome my tripod avoidance and just discovered macro at small aperture recently. Sometimes it's the subject that doesn't hold still! You did a great jobs with this. Fav
September 4th, 2015  
Many thanks @dmcoile for your comment and the fav. What a coincidence re the macro and tripod!
September 4th, 2015  
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