Get pushed challenge - abstract

So, I had to look up what abstract meant and according to

abstract [5] fine art [e]....of or pertaining to the formal aspect of art, emphasizing lines, colours, generalised or geometrical forms etc, especially with reference to their relationship to one another."

I guess this fits the description as there is a mix of lines, colour and shapes.

This was a challenging push which was totally out of my usual 'photography' zone. I found it very odd to be looking for and photographing something for lines and shape and not have the picture 'be' of anything but lines, shape, colour... I admit I have turned this picture 3 times to try and make it 'look' like something.. lol, :D - now I think it looks a little bit like an owl with 2 dark eyes and wings at the sides!

Editing info:
In photoshop, I went to gradient map and selected the colour choice above. I duplicated the image and flipped one, added mezzotint [coarse dots] to both images, blended together and adjusted the levels.

Thanks for this push @zosimasy this is something I would never have considered doing myself.

@zosimasy hope this is ok.
posted September 15th, 2015  
@stephanies I think it's perfect! honestly, I have a hard time with abstract too ;)
posted September 15th, 2015  
very cool! what was the "something" you found to photograph for this challenge?
posted September 16th, 2015  
I really like this :-)
posted September 16th, 2015  
Thanks @zosimasy I was hoping to get another picture today, but all it did was rain, hopefully tomorrow.
posted September 16th, 2015  
HI Tari @sitiodown thanks....this picture started out as a picture of the top of two back gates that were next to each other but had strips of wood separating them and strips of wood above them. The darker colour was the wood on one of the gates, the other door was light coloured so it's effect cannot be seen.
posted September 16th, 2015  
Thank you @debbyglynn :)
posted September 16th, 2015  
thanks Stephanie ~ interesting :)
posted September 18th, 2015  
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