Get pushed challenge - still life arrangement of 5 things that define me

My get pushed partner @julieco gave me a second option, so I decided to do that one as well! :) This one was to "create a still life arrangement including 5 items that portray you (without the self portrait, as I know you don't like that!)"

So here we are. I know most still life pictures are taken indoors with a beautiful back drop, but I don't have any and I have no idea how to edit one into a picture either, so I have used the beauty of Mother Nature instead.

Hard to pick just 5 things, but here we are....

[1] my crucifix. I believe with all my heart in God and that God is with me every step I take.

[2] my walking boots. I love walking, my job involves walking, when we go on holiday we walk... I walk and walk and walk...

[3] a statue representing all dogs. I have 3 beautiful rescue dogs that mean the world to me. I walk other peoples dogs for them. Simply put, I love dogs.

[4] my watch. I am a stickler for time, I hate being late, although I often am. Time seems to run my life, I never have enough of it.....

[5] my mobile/cell. This is my link to the modern world. It is so multifunctional. I can use it as a camera, access the internet, text and phone people, send emails.... etc etc..

Thanks for the push @julieco
posted October 9th, 2015  
This completes the challenge but I much prefer the food image. For me, there is too much going on here, with a busy foreground and back ground and, although the items are linked by their meaning to you, they need to have a common shape or colour or subject to work as a still life group.
posted October 9th, 2015  
Yes you are quite right @julieco I totally didn't appreciate that. I think I was too busy linking things into me, and the setting, eg, the grass etc., is very much me. I lacked objectivity with this I think.... Thanks so much for pointing this out to me. It really helps to get some constructive comments. I will bear what you say in mind for the future.
posted October 10th, 2015  
Interesting reading and seeing the things that define you ... makes me wonder what I would pick, I would want to be outdoors too.
posted October 11th, 2015  
Although the picture is busy I would have picked the same.I admire you saying...." I believe with all my heart in God and that God is with me every step I take." We are here to glorify Him. well done by doing it with a photo! Therefore a fav.
posted October 30th, 2015  
Thank you so much Sylvia @sdutoit There are many times in my life that I do not know where I would now were it not for my faith and belief in God. He is always with us, guiding us the right way.
posted November 1st, 2015  
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