Get pushed challenge - a vintage style picture of my dogs by stephanies

Get pushed challenge - a vintage style picture of my dogs

Really enjoyed doing this. The hardest part was getting my dogs to pose... they get fed up waiting for me to get myself organised and sort the camera out....

I followed the instructions exactly on this link - the first time I did this the result was not very good. It darkened down so much that I completely lost Jakey's eyes [he is the one in the middle]. So, I did it all again. The second time, I looked really carefully to see exactly how each step changed/affected the photograph and then modified the actions to suit my picture. I decided not to add the lines and scratches, I don't think they are necessary and I didn't like the effect.

I am really pleased with the result I must say and I enjoyed doing this.
Thanks for the push Syliva @sdutoit Here are my 3 dogs vintage style. The one on the left is my Ruby, the one in the middle is my Jakey and the other is my Roddy.
October 20th, 2015  
I'm impressed you could get 3 dogs to pose at all!
October 20th, 2015  
Lol, thanks @debbyglynn it cost me a packet of liver treats in bribes... :D
October 20th, 2015  
beautiful patient dogs ... so wonderful that they sat still for this ... great job!
October 21st, 2015  
They look so well behaved.
October 21st, 2015  
Thanks so much @lynnz and @welshcaz my poor dogs are very patient putting up with me and they pretty well behaved too. I did alot of training with them when I got them out of rescue. :)
October 22nd, 2015  
Well done and Fav from me! Glad you did enjoy the challenge. So did I. For me it is learning/doing something different and not just the winning photo. It should be fun.
October 24th, 2015  
Thank you Sylvia @sdutoit I did really enjoy the process of changing this picture, it was alot of fun and I am really pleased with the result. I agree with you, it is not about winning, just about learning something new. :)
October 25th, 2015  
They look like the Kray brothers of the dog world :-)
Love Dogs, but not practical for me as I am out most of the day at work or running.
Growing up we had 4 Boxer dogs over the years.
December 31st, 2015  
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