Get pushed challenge - take a picture from an unusual pov

So I sat in my car with the rain falling on my windscreen and took this picture.

I really like how the rain distorts the look of the leaves a little. Whilst the pov is not very original, the fact is I hardly ever sit down to take a shot. Also, taking the picture through the rain speckled window like this could be considered an unusual pov, well for me anyway. :)
Love it. Just taking it from inside your car makes it an unusual POV.
posted October 28th, 2015  
love the distortion too ~ and the way the car in enveloped in beautiful autumn leaves :)
posted October 28th, 2015  
I might have cropped the top off this photo ~ it looks really cool the way it first presents on the feed ;)
posted October 28th, 2015  
Thanks for the push Lisa @homeschoolmom I will try and do another if I have time.
posted October 28th, 2015  
Hi Tari @sitiodown thanks so much for your comment and for the cc. Now that I look properly at the picture I can see what you mean and I agree with you.
posted October 28th, 2015  
posted October 29th, 2015  
posted October 30th, 2015  
Thank you both very kindly @lynnz @sdutoit
posted November 1st, 2015  
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