Get pushed - black and white landscape by stephanies

Get pushed - black and white landscape

Well this was harder than I thought! I visited 6-7 different parks in my area of London this week to try and get a nice landscape picture and this was pretty much the best I could come up with it.
Here we go @francoise I really don't know what to make of this picture. I have played around with it so much that my eyes have gone funny. How does it look to you? I am thinking it has a slight blue tint to it? but that may be how I am seeing it on my laptop.... I find pictures on that look very different to the ones on my mobile/cell.. How are you going with challenge I set you?
November 5th, 2015  
Think this was well done. B & W not so easy if you do not have a place with colors from white white to black.
November 7th, 2015  
This is a very peaceful shot. I love the row of small trees and the group of taller trees complementing each other... and, of course, the road curving through the scene. There is quite a lot to look at in this shot and the viewer can really travel around in in it ; you have really captured an entire location, not just a specific item. Nicely done.
November 8th, 2015  
do you not do tags?
November 8th, 2015  
Thank you Sylvia for taking the time to comment @sdutoit
November 15th, 2015  
Thanks @francoise for your thoughts on this and for your kind words. To answer your question, "do I tag?" Sometimes I do, it depends how much time I have and what my internet access is like. Most days it is so bad that it can take me half an hour just to post one picture on here... :(
November 15th, 2015  
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