Get pushed - take a picture white on white + macro alphabet 'f' for feather

Sorry it's taken so long @northy I had to give up with the idea of doing film noir but I loved looking at all the images! I enjoyed playing around with the other option you gave me which was white on white. I realised that I had to overexposure quite abit because of the whites in the picture - by nearly 1 1/2 stops. I was abit confused about which white balance to use and ended up going with the auto option as I didn't want the picture to be blue. I had a mixture of changing natural lights and when the sun went in I had to use the flash which then threw shadows.

I found the editing quite tricky as I needed some contrast and tone in the picture, I am still not sure about it, but here it is anyway. :)

Here we are @northy thanks for the push and sorry again for the lateness. I really would appreciate any thoughts and opinions on how I could have done it better.
posted March 5th, 2016  
Great shoot. Don't forget to tag it if it was for this weeks challenge đŸ˜€
posted March 5th, 2016  
This is lovely! White on white is difficult and I often resort to cheating - converting to black and white so as to eliminate any colour cast... And yes, white can throw off the camera's metering, so over exposing makes sense (I often do this when shooting outside in winter)... I think you did great here!
posted March 5th, 2016  
Hi Rob @johnston1364 thanks, no this challenge was set for last month but I couldn't complete it because of flashofred, so I won't tag it for this week. The silhouette challenge was for this week :)
posted March 5th, 2016  
This looks like it was really challenging! You did a great job getting the feather to show up on all that white :-)
posted March 5th, 2016  
Thanks Debby :) @debbyglynn
posted March 5th, 2016  
Awesome picture! As I understood it took you some time, but you got everything in there! White on white, it's a macro and you did the f!!
posted March 6th, 2016  
You have done this beautifully. Love the rich of lace & softness of the feather.
posted March 6th, 2016  
Your efforts editing this have been worthwhile.
A nice striking shot.
posted March 6th, 2016  
Wow. I love this. You nailed this shot. Fav!
posted March 8th, 2016  
Love this. A white feather....think of my son and daughter more with us...
posted April 6th, 2016  
Lovely white on white Fav!
posted May 11th, 2016  
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