Get pushed challenge - topic "purple" - interpret however you like

I posted this already, but when I enlarged the picture on my mobile I could see all sorts of poor editing that strangely enough I couldn't see in PS, so I removed it to re-edit.

Anyway, been thinking on and off what to do for this challenge.... Quite surprised by the lack of purple objects in my house - I found a grand total of 3 things - a hoodie, an amethyst stone and a plastic dog dish. On the off-chance I asked my other half if he had anything purple.... in jest, he replied, a Deep Purple album.......and here we are. Just to explain, the top part of the picture is the inner sleeve of the album, I thought the eyes looked kind of interesting in a weird way.

I enjoyed playing around with this in editing. Not sure what the Deep Purple fans will think of me changing the original sky blue colour on the album for purple but never mind. I hope it looks a bit better now than it did before anyway.
posted March 16th, 2016  
Great imaginative interpretation for the theme. Good stuff!
posted March 16th, 2016  
Great idea! Nice shot!
posted March 16th, 2016  
Great image.
posted March 16th, 2016  
Fabulous shot & great idea :)
posted March 17th, 2016  
Great interpretation!!
posted March 18th, 2016  
Well I'm a Deep Purple fan and I like it.
You have my blessing ;-)
posted March 21st, 2016  
Thank you kindly for your comments @altadc @kwind @leggzy @dishaparekh176

Thanks @billygreen glad you like it.
posted March 27th, 2016  
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