Get pushed - a collage of the dogs you walk everyday

Finally got this collage together. This isn't all the dogs I walk, just the ones that I walked on the 23rd.

The star of the show in the middle is my Jakey. He is a Collie x Labrador we believe. We got him from the RSPCA 11 years ago and he is now 16 years old!! He was returned to the RSPCA twice before we got him, because he had a whole heap of behavioural issues. Took Graham and I a long time to sort this boy out, but it was worth it, he is the most obedient dog ever. He is now totally deaf and relies purely on 'checking-in' visually with us and on our hand signals.

Lying down in the top right hand corner is my princess Ruby and at the bottom, 2nd pic in, are my 2 beautiful boys - Roddy and Jakey again.

The other 4 dogs are: Bernese Mountain dog [pic 3 top line and pic 3 bottom line] German Shepherd [1st pic line one, and first and last pic last line] Staffordshire Bull Terrier [pic 2 top line] and a Staffordshire x Labrador [pic 1 second line].
Here we are Syliva, sorry it has taken so long - @sdutoit
posted March 26th, 2016  
What an adorable bunch of dogs, and great shots!
posted March 26th, 2016  
Love it!
posted March 26th, 2016  
Great series
posted March 27th, 2016  
A beautiful collection of photos of your dogs. Very special.
posted March 27th, 2016  
@stephanies Fav and thanks I enjoyed looking at the collage. Well done!
posted March 27th, 2016  
Thank you all so kindly for your nice comments @wag864 @debbyglynn @joannakate @365projectorgjenfurj @sdutoit
posted March 27th, 2016  
What a great collage! I love it, especially because of the bright colors, not only from the yellow but also the dogs themselves! Fav!
posted March 27th, 2016  
Great collage! Good job on your challenge.
posted March 28th, 2016  
Awesome collection. Great collage!
posted March 29th, 2016  
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