Get pushed challenge - Choose one or more of the following words and make a photo using that as subject, theme, or an element of your picture

Lol, this was so hard to do, I am not a very creative person to be honest, so given the choice of words for this challenge -


it was either a picture of prunes the fruit or a pruned shrub or a pair of pruning shears which were all safe bets. In consequence I started thinking about the last word and to that end, the background picture, which I have edited heavily with a filter [because it is pretty gross!] is actually a picture of several lamb brains as they kind of connect with the words and the idea... Even though I am a vegetarian my freezers are full of various animal body parts as I fed all my dogs a raw meat and raw bone diet.
Here we are Mary @mcsiegle can't believe I actually photographed lamb brains for this, lol, lol......
posted April 6th, 2016  
Well done.
posted April 6th, 2016  
Haha you go Steph!! (Glad you heavily edited it though) And I think it is a fantastic interpretation!
posted April 6th, 2016  
Great shot, and very creative. 😀
posted April 6th, 2016  
What can I say? I'm speechless! That's really thinking outside the box -- using lamb's brains as background image. I take my hat off to you. I would never have thought of that.
posted April 7th, 2016  
Sure put some thought behind that shot young lady.
I admire you.
posted April 8th, 2016  
Thanks Sylvia @sdutoit

Thanks Disha @dishaparekh176

Thank you kindly Kas @wag864

Thanks Mary @mcsiegle probably one the strangest things I have photographed, so far anyway.

Thanks Billy, you are very kind @billygreen
posted April 10th, 2016  
Nice processing you got there. Also, at least I learned something new today. =)
posted April 13th, 2016  
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