Get pushed - something old, new, borrowed and blue

Well this challenge really got me thinking and thinking, and I changed my mind so many times about what to use for this, mostly because I kept getting stuck on items for one or two of the words.

So, after much thought, I decided that as we are off on holiday this Saturday for 2 weeks that would be good for the theme.

So, the old is the compass. It belongs to my other half and he has had it over 45 years. He used to do a lot of orienteering when he was younger, now we use it when we are out on country walks in unfamiliar places. I am sure there are compass apps around and more sophisticated technology, but hey-ho, this way works.

The borrowed is the map. We don't have sat nav so we when we go away we borrow the maps from our local library and plan our journeys using them.

The blue is for the pen for writing postcards and writing up bird sightings.

And the new is a polarising filter that I bought especially for this trip along with a ND filter. I have no idea how to use either of them yet, but I am hoping to have some time on holiday to play around and figure them out.
Thanks for the push Barb, @beachdog :)
posted April 14th, 2016  
Really like this selection of items together, great composition, so I gave it a fav :)
Where is the map of?
posted April 14th, 2016  
Great choices. Love the compass - apps are so over-rated and the real thing so much nicer. Looking forward to seeing some of your holiday shots on here.
posted April 14th, 2016  
So well composed.
posted April 15th, 2016  
FAV! Great composition. Enjoy the holiday!
posted April 15th, 2016  
Looks like the good beginnings of a wonderful holiday utilising all these special items.
posted April 15th, 2016  
Very interesting! Have a great holiday!
posted April 15th, 2016  
Hi Millie, thanks for the kind comment and the fav and for the follow @milliebrand I will follow you back. I don't remember exactly which map I used for this picture as we have 5 maps out from the library and I just took the one on top of the pile. We are spending both weeks in Wales though. The first in North Wales near Bangor and the second in mid Wales near Aberystwyth.
posted April 15th, 2016  
Thanks Kas, you are so kind. I am hoping to get some interesting holiday shots to post @wag864
posted April 15th, 2016  
Thank you @altadc
Thanks so much @moya for your kind words
Thanks Jen for commenting @365projectorgjenfurj
Thank you kindly Ingrid! @ingrid01
posted April 15th, 2016  
@stephanies ooh sounds interesting! Hope you enjoy your holiday
P.S thanks for the follow
posted April 15th, 2016  
Thanks Millie I am looking forward to it so much. I must go and get on with the packing now, I have been putting off all day, lol @milliebrand
posted April 15th, 2016  
Nice response to the challenge! Have fun on your holiday!
posted April 16th, 2016  
Great composition.
Obviously a lot of thought has gone into this.
Like it
posted April 16th, 2016  
Such a great collection and I love that they are all related! Great composition!
posted April 17th, 2016  
Well done enjoy the trip.
posted April 18th, 2016  
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