Get pushed - forced perception

Oh my goodness, I found this technique SO hard!! I played around with several ideas yesterday and couldn't get the focus right... and today the same thing. This was the best of a whole heap of pics that got deleted. Just can't figure out the right f stop [and I went through all of them!] or most likely, the right distances in order to get both the foreground and the background in focus.....
Here's my pic Laura - @la_photographic
posted May 5th, 2016  
Yeah when I had that challenge I found the focus really difficult too so I went with bokeh to eliminate the focus problem. You did well here!
posted May 6th, 2016  
Wow. What a challenge. I think I would like to try this one.
posted May 6th, 2016  
Very cool perspective.
posted May 6th, 2016  
Excellent answer!
posted May 6th, 2016  
Like your photo a lot. Seems like a real challenge! I might try it some day too...
posted May 7th, 2016  
Hi Stephanie - I have been enjoying looking through the last couple of months of your project! I am your get pushed partner for this week - I would like you to shoot to the challenge of "Smoking Hot". Have fun :)
posted May 8th, 2016  
It works for me Stephanie. Like it
posted May 9th, 2016  
Looks good.
posted May 10th, 2016  
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