Day 19 - 30 days wild 2016

Today I walked to church along the cliff top that overlooks the sea. As I walked I decided to photograph anything of natural interest. I tried to ID them myself, but it is soo hard... so I asked on 30dayswild facebook group and got a lot of help from the guys on there.

Pic 1: Juvenile herring gull

Pic 2: A type of iris?

Pic 3: Red valerian

Pic 4: Hogweed gone to seed

Pic 5: Bristly Ox-tongue

Pic 6: Greater Knapweed

Pic 7: Some sort of grass

Pic 8: Looking back along the cliff edge and down towards the beach and sea.
Super college ----- the coloring is super.
posted June 20th, 2016  
Wonderful collage A FAV
posted June 20th, 2016  
What a pleasant walk that must of been! So much variety! Gorgeous.
posted June 21st, 2016  
Super collage what a great collection of photos.
posted June 21st, 2016  
What a wonderful variety!
posted June 21st, 2016  
Awesome collage! Beautiful natural interest photos.
posted June 21st, 2016  
Great idea to take shots on a walk. Gonna try that.
posted June 21st, 2016  
great collection! so much variety.
the holidays are close ?
posted June 21st, 2016  
Nice collage and so good you were able to ID each photo for us.
posted June 21st, 2016  
Love the last photo!
posted June 21st, 2016  
Beautiful collage.
posted June 21st, 2016  
Very nice collage!
posted June 22nd, 2016  
All that in just one day?
I struggle to get one some days!
Nice collage
posted June 24th, 2016  
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