Get pushed - refraction

Not a very exciting picture but I was pleased to get the best of the rose into the water droplet.
Thanks for the push @aecasey
posted August 26th, 2016  
I love water droplet refractions. Lovely colors both inside and outside the droplet.
posted August 26th, 2016  
Hmmm....I was looking at your setting. To get things a bit more crisp you could open up your aperture to f4 or even lower which would shorten your shutter speed. Also, placing the subject of the refraction further from the droplet would bring more of it into the frame of the droplet. I find playing with distance between the water and subject, focusing on the refraction in the droplet, and letting the subject go soft in the background makes a nice refraction image.
posted August 26th, 2016  
I like the concept. I never knew that I could get the shot info before. I hope to take @April suggestions and learn things.
posted August 26th, 2016  
Thanks so much for this info April, I will try again. @aecasey
posted August 27th, 2016  
Well structured.
You put some thought into that
posted August 29th, 2016  
Nice! Interesting challenge!
posted August 31st, 2016  
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