Get pushed - HDR

One image taken, duplicated twice - one pic lighted and one pic darkened, then combined in the HDR option of PSE [photomerge - exposure]. I wasn't that impressed with the result so I did some adjustments in the HDR option in Pic Monkey. I then added the Antique Plate2 filter in Silver Efex and converted the pic to black and white..
@kali66 - HDR and some.
posted September 18th, 2016  
haha you gave it the full treatment, a lot of people dont like hdr, i guess you are one... did you try out any new modes on the camera?
posted September 18th, 2016  
I love it, great HDR and the rest. Always good to have a play. A beautiful building too, is it just a home? I could see myself living there quite happily.
posted September 19th, 2016  
Fantastic processing here.
Works for me
posted September 19th, 2016  
Hi Kali @kali66 yes I did try the other functions - all of them, I am trying to put a collage together of some of them. Hopefully will get it done today, if not tomorrow. :)
posted September 19th, 2016  
Nicely done!
posted September 20th, 2016  
très jolie maison de caractère
posted September 23rd, 2016  
Great subject for a black and white photo!
posted September 24th, 2016  
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