Get pushed - Explore different shooting modes in camera by stephanies

Get pushed - Explore different shooting modes in camera

Kali set me the challenge of looking at the effects I could do in-camera. I have to admit that other than the fish eye lens effect, I have never even bothered to look at any of the others, so this was an interesting push. I have left all the pics sooc other than cropping a little.

1 - Monochrome
In this image it looks more silver grey and it seems to lacks much in the way of depth, but I kind of like it.

2 - Poster effect
The poster effect is kind of different but a better effect can be achieved in PSE I think.

3 - Super Vivid
This effect is kind of different, but for me the colour/contrast needs lifting.

4 & 5 - Toy Camera effect
I am not overly keen on the Toy Camera effect - it looks like a heavy vignette and I can't "see" how best to use it.

6 - Fish eye effect
I like the fish eye effect but I find it hard to "see" a picture that would suit it...[maybe I need to do a week of it...] However, as with all the other effects it bugs me intensely that I have no control over the camera settings whilst using it, only the degree of the effect. For this picture, the camera decided the iso should be 1,600 which makes it grainy. To my eyes, this picture does not suit grain. I guess it can be rectified in editing, but I don't know how to do that.

7 & 8 - Miniature effect
Well this was a nice little discovery I have to admit. I totally get this effect and I can see how it can be used to bring the eye to focus a certain area of the picture. I took pics 7 & 8 with thought and when I got home and started playing around with the camera some more I found I could move the focus area up and down and spin it so it was vertical as well! How neat is that! Never really seen this effect before, but it is one I will use again for sure.

Here we Kali @kali66 I wrote you a full report, lol. It was a good push, thanks, I love the miniature effect!
September 19th, 2016  
So neat and great challenge. I really need to explore what my camera can do now. Thanks for the motivation!
September 19th, 2016  
What a marvelous idea- could give a stuck day some hope. I definitely will remember this collage. Fav!
September 19th, 2016  
this is totally great, so glad you really got into the challenge, i discovered that my camera can also do these things by giving you this challenge, so it works both ways !!
September 19th, 2016  
interesting shots and very good response to your challenge.well done!
September 19th, 2016  
Nice presentation. What a great challenge.
September 20th, 2016  
A great collection of images. I love the commentary too for each one, it makes each picture so much more interesting having the background to go with it.
September 20th, 2016  
You have made some work out of this challenge! Well done! I really found your comments interesting to read too.
September 20th, 2016  
That's neat that your camera can do all this, but I agree, if it's something you can do in editing, I'd rather start with a standard picture. It leaves you more options.
September 24th, 2016  
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