Get pushed - a shot taken during the blue 'hour' - Margate

Full push - "a shot taken during the blue 'hour' (the time before dawn or after sunset when the sky is blue."

Finally got around to this challenge - sunset was at 7.30pm so this is just within the blue hour.
Fabulous building.
posted April 3rd, 2017  
Great color.
posted April 3rd, 2017  
HI Liz, @lizhammond do you remember at the end of Jan you set me the challenge of blue hour or slow synch - link here - I am still working on the slow synch option... there isn't much info on the web for my particular camera using the camera's own flash. It has taken me ages to figure out that the flash won't fire if it isn't raised, lol, lol... here was I thinking it would do it automatically. Front curtain is working fine, but rear curtain, which I am more interested in, the camera is flashing twice - both at the beginning and the end of the exposure.... I can't figure out why it is doing that or whether that is infact normal... I need to play around with it some more...
posted April 3rd, 2017  
Such a unique building, love the blue tones!
posted April 3rd, 2017  
Great shot! I always heard it called the golden hour out here...
posted April 4th, 2017  
Very neat building! Well captured.
posted April 4th, 2017  
Hand held?
posted April 9th, 2017  
Beautiful. We do have a Margate in South Africa to,
posted April 30th, 2017  
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