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Hello! I live in Seattle. My camera is a Nikon D3100. It's not the newest model, but I like it. I edit my picture using GIMP. It's like Photoshop, but free and open source. Look it up! It's cool.

I started this project in October of 2013. I filled up two year before I started to waver a bit. I've been back on posting (or trying to post) every day since August 2018.

List of Get Pushed challenges:


-get-pushed-336: take 24 shots from one spot, and post the one I liked best https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2019-01-04

-get-pushed-335: fiddle with a picture and then people have to guess what it is https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-12-25 https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-12-24
-get-pushed-334: produce an image which captures a humourous moment - something that makes us all laugh? https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-12-23
-get-pushed-332: rule of odds https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-12-04
- get-pushed-331: light trails https://365project.org/stephomy/365
- get-pushed-330: geometry https://365project.org/stephomy/365#post-comment
- get-pushed-329: an in camera double exposure. https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-11-16 https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-11-17
- get-pushed-328: build a still life with at least five objects and take a photograph by natural light with as wide open an aperture as you can manage. https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-11-09
- get-pushed-327: a minimalistic picture, or one showing the use of negative space https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-10-30 https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-06-06 https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-10-29
-get-pushed-326: SOOC colour or b/w depicting a person or persons at work showing their area of work. (I totally cheated on this one) https://365project.org/stephomy/365
-get-pushed-325: Capture an outside scene without any blue https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-10-17
-get-pushed-324: Forced perspective https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-10-14
-get-pushed-323: A Halloween picture https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-10-04
-get-pushed-322: an image focusing on shadows https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-09-27
-get-pushed-321: Change your perspective and shoot the ordinary from a different viewpoint/angle https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-09-17
-get-pushed-320: The theme of "waiting" https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-09-13
-get-pushed-319: monochrome in color https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-09-06
-get-pushed-318: working with textures. https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-08-27 and https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-08-28
-get-pushed-317: black and white self-portrait of any style https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-08-23 https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-08-21 and https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-07-30
-get-pushed-316: set up a shot with very sharp detail, and bokeh in the background (not added as a processing layer) https://365project.org/stephomy/365/2018-08-15