Day 088, Year 3 - Alexis & Nanna's Bedtime Story by stevecameras

Day 088, Year 3 - Alexis & Nanna's Bedtime Story

A quick candid shot of Alexis and my mum a few evenings ago as she was winding down to bed.

3 good things:

1 - A lovely family lunch at my folk's house which included both my sisters, their other halves and their bubbas
2 - A good clear out of my Dad's garage...not easy
3 - Great run round round the village in the very lovely afternoon light
I love the lighting on your daughter's face as well as the fact that she caught you taking a shot of their quiet reading time :)
April 2nd, 2015  
@missalice Thank you! :)
I've cropped in and darkened the shot to try and accentuate the light on her face as for me it's the nicest thing about the shot.
April 2nd, 2015  
April 2nd, 2015  
beautiful lighting and lovely how Alexis is looking at you
April 3rd, 2015  
Beautiful capture:)
April 7th, 2015  
@moviegal1 @cruiser @joemuli Thank you all :)
April 7th, 2015  
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