Day 130, Year 3 - Nighttime Over Canary Wharf by stevecameras

Day 130, Year 3 - Nighttime Over Canary Wharf

This is another shot of the Canary Wharf skyscrapers as seen from Canada Water where my colleague lives. I was staying with him for the night as part of working in London on the VE Day celebrations.

Another Canary Wharf shot here from 2 nights before:

Photos of the VE Day celebrations can be seen here:

3 good things:

1 - Nice arriving in London on time after a very early 3am wake-up to get to the first coach from Norwich
2 - Good day on site, with some lovely weather getting ready for the VE Day celebrations
3 - Lovely vegetarian dinner cooked by my colleague that evening
Thats a frightfully early start! You must be young and fit! Lovely night-time shot - you are good at these! Must be a lovely view all the time there!
May 11th, 2015  
Beautiful night shot. Fav!
May 11th, 2015  
Gorgeous detail Steve! I also love the water and clouds! Fav
May 11th, 2015  
great long exposure it's done dramatic things to the clouds
May 11th, 2015  
May 11th, 2015  
May 11th, 2015  
Great night time shot.
May 12th, 2015  
Fabulous night shot Steve.. Fav :)
May 12th, 2015  
Fabulous night shot!
May 12th, 2015  
Wow, even more beautiful. Gorgeous sky.
May 12th, 2015  
Wonderful night shot.
May 12th, 2015  
@gailmmeek @elisasaeter Thank you both :)
May 13th, 2015  
The sky looks wonderful above those eye catching buildings. Great skyline and lights.
May 19th, 2015  
@jennywren Thank you Jen...! :)
May 28th, 2015  
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