Day 138, Year 3 - The Open Road by stevecameras

Day 138, Year 3 - The Open Road

This is the open road after a little edit...can you see it??

I was heading back from the Midlands a couple of weeks ago down the M1 when we got caught in a standstill after a crash ahead caused the traffic to stop. The air ambulance was caused so it was serious, and it was the kind of stop where everyone switches off their engines and gets out of the car for a wander. I got my camera out to take a few pics and thought of doing a little edit of the empty carriageway rather than the queue on my side of the road.

A few years ago I got caught up in a 3 hour delay one evening on the M1 and ended up jumping over the barrier onto the empty side and taking some pics on my phone, but there were a lot of children around and it felt like an irresponsible thing to do.

Shame because I can't help but think an empty M1 motorway in the middle of a busy morning is quite a good subject. Oh well...!

3 good things:

1 - Listening on the radio, as Norwich City football team win the match that took them to the Wembley Play-Off final
2 - A nice quick run round the village
3 - Getting a ticket booked for the Wembley more needed for me and Dad to go together**

**Turns out we couldn't get a second so we gave away our ticket and watched the match in the pub in the end**
Very cool!
June 1st, 2015  
Cool lines
June 1st, 2015  
Fantastic pov
June 1st, 2015  
Very neat mirror effect. :)
June 1st, 2015  
Cool shot, great mirror edit.
June 1st, 2015  
Well done to nephew was at Wembly! What a novel idea to photo the open must have been fairly near the front of the queue!
June 1st, 2015  
June 29th, 2015  
@happypat This is an edit. The right hand side of the picture is the real, open side of the motorway. The left hand side of the frame, is the right hand side, flipped in Photoshop :)
June 29th, 2015  
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