I made some mustard this morning for some appetizers I will fix for tonight's party. It is a very spicy hot mustard. And very easy. Here is the recipe -

1/2 C. Coleman's dry mustard
1/2 C. Cider vinegar
1 Egg
1/2 C. Sugar
pinch of salt

Mix the dry mustard and the vinegar and let stand overnight, covered.
In a double boiler beat the egg, sugar, salt and mustard mixture.
Cook and stir over hot (not boiling) water until slightly thickened. Cool and store in the refrigerator. Makes about a cup.

Very, very good! Try it on ham or polish sausage.
Sounds delicious! Happy new year!
posted December 31st, 2010  
yum...happy new year Suzie
posted December 31st, 2010  
It sounds yummy.
posted December 31st, 2010  
I printed this recipe out! I am going to try it....sounds delicious! I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!
posted December 31st, 2010  
Oooh, that sounds yummy! Have fun tonight!
posted December 31st, 2010  
@deesdiscoveries I hope you like it! My sister gave me the recipe years ago and I love it!
posted December 31st, 2010  
Oh I always make it too sharp!
posted December 31st, 2010  
Thanks for the recipe! Have a wonderful time tonight! We're just going to an early dinner and a movie. No one was having a party... sniff sniff - maybe we could come to yours? Happy New Year, Suzie!
posted December 31st, 2010  
I am going to try this recipe this weekend, thanks !!! Great composition!!!
posted January 4th, 2011  
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