Artist at Work by stray_shooter

Artist at Work

OK, I want to be clear that this is NOT my photo.....well, it's my photo now, as well as being a photo of me, but I did not capture the image. One of my fellow photographers took this while our little group was capturing the California coast sunset. I had no idea he was doing this, and I'm probably glad that I did not know, because I probably would have screwed it up with some stupid pose. I think I was trying in vain to catch some seagulls that were being chased by waves - and trust me, there were some waves, though it doesn't appear that way. I think he took this with his cell phone, and I do appreciate the fact that he was kind enough to share it with me.
Great shot of you in your element Ron!
February 6th, 2018  
Terrific portrait :)
February 6th, 2018  
Caught in reflective mood or was it contemplating the camera settings to catch the Seagulls and sunset in the one shot, thanks for sharing it with us Ron, clearly a lot warmer in Southern California than here it snowed over night, lol:)
February 6th, 2018  
Such a great selfie of sorts with the wonderful and dramatic sky behind you.
February 6th, 2018  
Ahhhh- the artist contemplating his next shot! Your friend captured a good moment in your quest for a photo.
February 6th, 2018  
Looking good there Ron!
February 7th, 2018  
Really like how he captured you not only reflecting on your shot but also taking it all in. It's so easy to be so focused on taking the shot that we forget to enjoy it too...or at least that's what this split second looks like. Haha!
February 8th, 2018  
I like this so much! fav
February 11th, 2018  
This is so wonderful to have! I think it's one you showed me on your cell phone! VERY nice!
February 12th, 2018  
Wonderful image and pose! Fav!
February 12th, 2018  
ah, the dedicated photographer thinking and planning his! :-D nice!
February 13th, 2018  
Good grief, this is awesome!
February 15th, 2018  
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