Street Shot Tuesday '20 05 by stray_shooter

Street Shot Tuesday '20 05

Protecting against the virus.

I'm not sure if this young lady was fearful of contracting the Corona Virus or was just protecting others from a malady that she had, but she caught my eye due to the fact that her mask of choice was black. Maybe she was simply trying to color coordinate, but it was unique. And you probably can't read it, but on her hat is an inscription that reads "Anti Social Social Club." Rather fitting in this case.
Well spotted Ron its a great image really suiting the monochrome tones, without asking you will never know whats going on in this ladies head:)
February 5th, 2020  
Great lighting for the black and white with all the shadows.
February 5th, 2020  
Masks have a lot more lately due to the virus. Also I know in some parts of the world masks are so common that young people wear them with patterns and designs as a fashion statement. Regardless, cool black and white candid shot!
February 5th, 2020  
Really great candid. Lends itself to b&w!
February 5th, 2020  
Great street shot! When I visited Japan, the majority of the people we saw had on white masks. On the subway, we were the only ones who weren’t wearing masks, wondering “what do they know that we don’t?...
February 7th, 2020  
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