Hello everyone, Last week my 365er friend ( shared the photography competition link( with me, knowing, its gonna be a big competition and great photographers with their SLRs, I almost quit to shoot with my 'point and shoot', but after having a look at the drooling prizes(;) which inspired me to take part in competition) I thought to take some pics in category "India". India is known for both bright and grey side, But I chose to cover the rare grey side, so what could be better than covering slum life.

I made the slum life a part of this prestigious 365 project so these guys also get some limelight. :) so this week I'm putting up the slum pics instead of following the weekly theme. I know I'm cheating to click all the pics on the same day, but what matter for me is to the show the entirely different culture :)

So here goes my first slum pic..their small jhuggi(house) which contains all the necessary living things, like bed(On the name of bed they just have a sheet which they spread on ground), a matka for those who cant afford refrigerator, to keep water cool in the sizzling summers, a hearth to cook food and some old torn clothes.

Enjoy, and yes don't forget to comment and criticize!!
It amazes me who little people actually need to live. Makes me want to get rid of a lot of my things.
posted April 22nd, 2010  
What a fascinating picture of a pared down life style! I hope your pictures will be an interesting part of the competition. As your viewer on 365, I'm really interested in life in India, as I may never get to travel there. I'd love to see anything you chose to photograph as it's of great interest to me to see where you live and life around you!
posted April 22nd, 2010  
yeah, India is great country with so many cultural people living together..I'll try to show both dark and bright side of India thru my 365 project!! Thanks guys for showing interest :)
posted April 23rd, 2010  
Suchita, I know this may be a bizarre question, but how do they protect their possessions from thieves?
posted April 24th, 2010  
your pictures are very interesting and to see how these people live. it's amazing how poor they are but look at them they seem to be happy. i have seen this throughout my travels the poorer the country the more friendly and happy looking people.
posted April 24th, 2010  
@DebbieDavis : they dont have any expensive possessions...they work so hard just to get the food for the even if thieve attacks, he wont find anything to stole!!
posted April 24th, 2010  
@Bruni : Thanks, its always nice to read ur lovely comments on my pic...where do you live? and which all country have u traveled?
posted April 24th, 2010  
Suchita, this is amazing work. I love these a lot, and I hope you get a good placing in the competition. Good luck!!! I love how they are such dignified pictures, but still show the reality. GREAT job!!
posted June 3rd, 2010  
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