Stroll along the Nile by suebarni

Stroll along the Nile

I asked, to see if anyone was paying any attention: 'What's the collective noun for camels?'
My husband volunteered 'It's a spit!'
Lol. He's so funny.
It can actually be a flock, caravan, or train. So here we have a caravan of Camelus bactrianus in the searing heat of the desert (thanks to a Matt Kolkowski sunflare added in LR) meandering alongside the Nile.

I love their different wood grains.

The Bactrian camel is a large, even-toed ungulate native to the steppes of Central Asia. Of the two species of camel, it is by far the rarer. The Bactrian camel has two humps on its back, in contrast to the single-humped dromedary camel - Wikipedia.

Bactrian camels are one of the rarest mammals on earth - Attenborough.

Watch them eating snow on the planet earth video:
September 13th, 2013  
And how do you remember which one is which I hear you ask........ well, a 'B' for Bactrian when put on its side has two humps, whereas a 'D' for Dromedary has one. Aaaah, those years of working in zoo education weren't wasted you see.

Great shot, and really lovely for the theme!
September 13th, 2013  
@jantan ahh good one. I will pass that along. I love having all those little "tricks" in my head !

I like camels. I don't think people say that enough !
September 13th, 2013  
This is really fabulous!!!! Love how the camels are grading from light to dark!!! :)
September 13th, 2013  
Lovely camels and I like the light in this image.
September 13th, 2013  
Love this. Great one for the week's theme.
September 13th, 2013  
Really good. I like the little camel playing pieces. What's the game? xx
September 15th, 2013  
Very nice tones and I like the idea. The background looks great.
September 15th, 2013  
Thanks for the comments and fav folks. I liked how this one turned out. Lisa the game is simply called Egyptians. The lid of the box is in the background it does say Egyptians but its so (deliberately)out of focus no one would know what it said.
@houdiniem @jantan @traceyhn @monkeykid @sturnus @mittens @psychographer @beluga
September 16th, 2013  
Beautiful tones.
October 3rd, 2013  
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