meet tewdwr

tewdwr is a huggable bear. his name means "god's gift" in welsh and is pronounced 'teador". i suppose it's the equivalent of theodore in english.

over at five plus two, the theme this week is "teddy bear". but tewdwr doesn't want to be called 'teddy'; he says it's so cliché.

one thing i learned a long time ago when buying stuff toys like tewdwr, you have to fall in love with it at first sight. even if you have to gift it to somebody, its appeal to you will generally transfer to your giftee. yesterday, when i went to the mall and whilst waiting for my friend to show up (which of course, she didn't) i went around in search of a 'teddy bear'. tewdwr was in the first store i checked, hallmark store. there were other really nice teddies, but tewdwr, when i looked at him, i liked him right away. i went to three other stores: at indigo/chapters there was a totally cuddly polar bear, a possibility, i liked it. then at toys-toys-toys there was a gazillion teddies, brown, white, beige, black, green, but none appealed to me. i might have considered one of them as they were all nice (and cheaper) but they didn't grab me like tewdwr did. at shopper's drug mart, they even had a blue and a pink teddy. two stores down, teddies were on sale at victoria's secret. but of course, those were a different kind of teddy. yaiks! i went back to indigo/chapters to get the polar bear, it was a lot less money than tewdwr. i was already lined up at the cash but tewdwr's face just wouldn't leave my mind. the line was quite long and i must've been the 20th person in a long line that snaked around the bookshelves. when there were only 3 people ahead of me, i left the queue and placed the polar bear back where it was on display. it took me a while to get to tewdwr's store as it was on another level and at the opposite side of the big mall.

then, panic! tewdwr wasn't in the shelf anymore! tarnation! in a matter of 30 minutes? what stupid idiot buys a teddy bear? well, that would be me. it turned out a chinese couple came after i left and were looking at the teddies. the woman took tewdwr but the clerk took it from her saying that she (the clerk) forgot that a customer had asked for her to put tewdwr aside but another clerk who didn't know about it had put it back in the shelf. now, i didn't ask the clerk to hold tewdwr, the clerk said she just knew i was going to come back for him. she said that the way i held and examined tewdwr, (she saw me) she knew i would get him.

and mind you, tewdwr is not cheap! but look at him, he's so adorable with that smile, isn't he? good thing that little katie in calgary is going to have a birthday next month. i suppose tewdwr is moving there, that is if he convinces me he wants to stay.

and this is why i needed to have tewdwr:
sounds like you were adopting from an orphanage!
posted October 11th, 2017  
Great shot of this adorable teddy and a fabulous story to go with it. I had a giggle when I read Kali's comment ;-)
posted October 11th, 2017  
posted October 11th, 2017  
He does look adorable :)
posted October 11th, 2017  
Lovely story and all lived happily ever after!!
posted October 11th, 2017  
What an enchanting story. The perfect narrative for this Enchanting bear. Terrific photo of him especially with the low POV and the bokeh.
posted October 11th, 2017  
Well he certainly has an engaging grin! And now that he's been photographed by you, he's a star too. This one's cute, but I Love the picture of the two of you and the moon!
posted October 12th, 2017  
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