the red poppy didn't fit well with this game i'm playing. i dropped a good $10 on the old veteran's box as he pinned a red poppy on my coat's lapel. i thanked him for his and his comrades' efforts in keeping our freedom. but the poppy will stay in my lapel. good thing though that last year, when i visited lunenburg and louise brought nova and me to her friend's cottage there were poppies in her garden. she had the flamenco poppies and white poppies as well. and just as well that i remembered i had this in my archive.

so, as we all now know, i haven't self destruct yet although i may have a hard time with the word 'veteran' as the photo i took of the old soldier didn't turn out. oh, well.
I'm astonished at your creativity and ingenuity and really like the clear cut silhouette style that you are coming up with this month. Im sure there will be no cause for self-destruct.
posted November 5th, 2017  
this came out very nicely... i'm sure you'll figure out a solution for veteran - there will likely be ample opportunities for veteran shots over the next few days... or you could get creative and find a subject that is not quite so literal? (and you know, if it were me attempting this, i would almost certainly have imploded by now!)
posted November 6th, 2017  
A wonderful image, fav!
posted November 6th, 2017  
Our veteran's day is this coming Saturday. I like this in the black & white and made up like a poster.
posted November 7th, 2017  
You are doing really well with your version of November words - I am so impressed with your creativity!
This poppy turned out marvelously and the poem adds a touch of solemnity to this wonderful photo.
posted November 7th, 2017  
One of my favourite flowers, always growing in my garden
posted November 7th, 2017  
Well done girlfriend
posted November 7th, 2017  
You have been very creative on the November words. I like your black and white versions.
posted November 10th, 2017  
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