give a girl the right shoes

i used to love beautiful shoes and i used to wear them, too, when i was much much younger and my legs still slim. when i arrived in canada almost 30 years ago, i hauled with me, aside from 50 books i couldn't part with, 25 pairs of shoes - stilettos, heeled sandals, power shoes. i had keds sneakers before it became popular. i had pink pumps, open toed pumps, and they weren't cheap shoes.

over the years from size 5 i grew to size 8 you wonder what happened to me. i used to walk all the time in 3-inch high heels; why, i'd be chasing buses and even walk in flooded streets in high heels. i wore heels all the time, seven days a week. and you couldn't catch me wearing running shoes except when i was in the gym. now, i wear runners all the time.

and yes, imelda marcos and i share the same birthday!


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I think the lady who fits in these shoes will be too small to even notice the world! Nice composition!
posted November 22nd, 2017  
beautifully composed and wonderful narrative
posted November 22nd, 2017  
A wonderful shot once again. I love the narrative too.
posted November 22nd, 2017  
Me.. let me try them on please! :-)
posted November 23rd, 2017  
Beautiful composition. Love your narrative. I understand about the shoes. I wore high heels all the time. I guess with age we become more practical.
posted November 23rd, 2017  
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