oh, the good old 60's by summerfield

oh, the good old 60's

it's interesting to learn the origin of this symbol, and the various beliefs associated with it. it is, however, these days, most associated with "peace", except for a school in the netherlands a few years ago who banned it because it was thought to be a symbol used to persecute the christians and then later believed to be a satanic symbol. in fact, it was designed in the 1950's by a british man for the nuclear disarmament initiative. in my young days, i've seen the hippie types sport this symbol in their shirts and jewelry along with flashing the V sign with their fingers.

this to me looks like the cross section of an orange. :-P

but whatever it really is, peace must reside in your heart and in your mind.


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Wonderful finale to the month. Your calendar looks absolutely awesome. As someone sometimes says to me when I feel really blessed, Aces, my friend.
December 1st, 2017  
An exceptionally fabulous calendar, congratulations :-)
December 1st, 2017  
Looks awesome on black, peace and love sista!
December 1st, 2017  
Love it!
December 2nd, 2017  
Cool shot of the symbol! Peace!
December 2nd, 2017  
Had to jump over here just so I could look at the calendar- which as suspected looks amazing!
December 5th, 2017  
I've still got the badge!
December 8th, 2017  
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