i can handle it! by summerfield

i can handle it!

this is the handle of one of the four old-style suitcases that i stack to make for a makeshift dinner table when moving. i use them as my "dresser" normally because i couldn't be bothered with furniture. when ex-partner and i lived together, he decided my furniture were ugly so he gave them away and we used his ugly furniture instead. when we split, he took all his furniture. for me, as long as i have shelves for my books, i'm happy!

obviously for the black and white challenge with "handle" as the theme. can you guess the colour of this suitcase? it's actually more pleasing to the eye in colour and i just might post the colour version tomorrow -- there's a slot in my calendar that i've to fill.

amazing! today i ate less, but i am still feeling like i just downed a whole leg of ham. with trimmings! accompanied by a barrel of aged ale, and a factory of ice cream.

i am not enjoying this confinement at all. i'm not a very sociable person, i am actually one of those people who enjoy being alone. but i don't want to be confined in a small space. and not be able to go when i want to go. i feel my brain is shrinking. i'm grasping words that i used to know but can't remember. in spanish! i'll be dumb by the time this virus is beaten. i better practice my multiplication table.
Oh funny text, Vicki! I'm beginning to find I want to get out and go visit someone! However, youngest daughter keeps texting and admonishing us to stay to ourselves and that we don't need any additional groceries! I'm not eating much, but I'm sleeping in until 10! Crazy new lifestyle!
March 27th, 2020  
I read what you say and applaud what you feel. It might resonate with others too. I think its important that we know what stress, particularly a unknown stress does to you!
This is a lovely leather suitcase!
March 27th, 2020  
Great photo (and title) that fits in well with your description. I’m feeling the stress, too. Hugs❤️
March 27th, 2020  
Oh, Vikki! Hang in there. I wish you could hop in a car and join me here for some fresh air, open spaces, and freedom. Homes that were once sanctuaries can quickly become prisons in times like this.
Please do post the colour version - I find colour lifts our spirits while B&W can tear it down.
March 27th, 2020  
Hang in there Vikki, as tough as it is, you're much safer in your own home. I'll have to resist the urge to cook. Yesterday I made a delicious marbled chocolate cheesecake slice. We finished it with dinner tonight - definitely not good for the waistline :))
March 27th, 2020  
Hang in there girl. We've got this. The bears are going crazy but I'm hanging in there. Hell I have not even killed Dan yet....even though he blinks way too loud these days :) Sending you love and hugs.
March 27th, 2020  
Quite a contrast to the version in color. This looks well traveled.

Reach out to others via the magic of electronics, social media, and good old fashioned telephone. Heck you might even knock on the door of a neighbor and while physically distancing yourself, have a chat in the hallway. You may be what Louise Penny, the author, coined as an extroverted introvert.
March 27th, 2020  
We can only imagine the interesting stories that suitcase could tell. Love your resourcefulness.
March 28th, 2020  
Like you I enjoy being alone but don’t enjoy being confined. Luckily (or unluckily) I still get to go to work so I still have some normality in my life
March 28th, 2020  
It is indeed tough. Any you CAN handle it yes. I have read your script, and have become most perturbed as I realise I can no longer remember the answer to 16 x 16.
March 29th, 2020  
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