heavenly shades of night are falling... by summerfield

heavenly shades of night are falling...

it's twilight time. yes, we're digging "the platters" today. most of you would be too young to know them or their songs. but i am sure i will find another friend here who is my age range who remembers. and then we can sing you all to sleep.

this was yesterday's sunset. i was alerted to this view by the partner so i had to rush to the west end of our office to get a shot. and rule of thirds be damned, but the only way i could get a decent shot from inside our glass windows (with 24-karat gold filters) is to centre the sun. then i had to crop around the camera's reflection on the glass but there is still some on the left, but i suppose it is forgiveable considering the circumstances.

our friend the CN tower is saying hello to you all in this shot. this is sooc except for the mentioned crop, the framing and the name tag.

getting ready to go to work, then the drive to buffalo after, hence this early posting. i don't know if there will be wi-fi at the hotel (sometimes they don't and if they do they charge an arm and a leg and i need both). the plus would be if there is wi-fi, then i can do my browsing and commenting. have a nice day, everyone.
Great sky and profile. Enjoy your trip - I want to go away too! ;-)
November 8th, 2011  
Heavenly indeed! Just beautiful Ms Summer! Travel safe. xo
November 8th, 2011  
love this shot, how you are looking out over all the rooftops and the glow of the sun. fav. sending you good thoughts for your drive, trip and vacation.
November 8th, 2011  
THere's that tower again..Fantastic light ,great capture
November 8th, 2011  
very inspiring!
November 8th, 2011  
Wonderful photo. Have a marvelous day!
November 8th, 2011  
Oh cool! Love the cn tower! ~ Great shot. ~
November 8th, 2011  
@russianblue @danig @catsmeowb @steeler @daveanajao @pamfromcalgary @sanera

ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your kind comments. there's wi-fi in the room free! yay! so i can actually browse. but i'm using a netbook and the letters are so small i need a telescope or probably a microscope or both, so if there's spelling mistakes, i apologize.
November 9th, 2011  
Well, I'll admit my age and say I know the song and the Platters.....! And I love the song with this BEAUTIFUL photo!!!!!!!!!!
November 11th, 2011  
I think it's fine with the sun right where it is- and it's a beautiful shot!!
November 12th, 2011  
beautiful shot! loving this!
November 15th, 2011  
You haven't taken a CN Tower shot in a while. Nicely done
November 26th, 2011  
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