Tilt, Drink

Chewed through 4 plastic hummer feeders suctioned to the windows. This hanging glass/metal feeder was an even easier challenge.
He is so cute! (Even though they are incredibly annoying!
Great capture of this little guy!
posted September 4th, 2018  
Nice action picture.
posted September 4th, 2018  
Superb spot. Fav
posted September 4th, 2018  
anne! what a lovely surprise. so nice to see you again.
posted September 4th, 2018  
Super cute!
posted September 7th, 2018  
Love, Love this!!! fav
posted September 8th, 2018  
Little rascal. Cute capture.
posted September 10th, 2018  
Cute capture............nice to see you back!
posted September 10th, 2018  
Cute capture.
posted September 14th, 2018  
Fabulous shot. An acrobat at work. Fav.
posted September 20th, 2018  
Great capture. These creatures can do amazing moves without falling.
posted September 25th, 2018  
This had me giggling aloud! Love it. That's some stretch he's doing.
posted October 5th, 2018  
Love this shot!
posted October 6th, 2018  
Great capture
posted October 8th, 2018  
great shot of this cutie!
posted October 19th, 2018  
Super shot. I know my squirrels like the hummer feeders too. I have put the feeders on separate hangers not near anything they can climb up on.
posted October 19th, 2018  
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