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Round 3
I had decided at Christmas to come back "seriously" in 2014... But life decided for me... I start a new job on the 3rd march... It will take me a lot of time, but I try to be there regularly to watch at your shots and comment them, and to load some shots... Probably about my new job... ;-)
So, update: 44 y.o. now, still married and mum of 3 boys (17, 10 and 8) and still at work all day... See you soon! :-)

2nd year now! So addicted... :)
So, to update a little: 43 y.o. now, still married and mum of 3 boys (16, 9 and 7), still at work all day so I know I wouldn't have time to take shot every day, but I will keep having pleasure to take photos and have a look on yours! :)

1st 365 project !

I just want to have fun with my Canon EOS 500D or my android phone (HTC Desire HD). And I would like that the 365project could be a memory of great moments for the next 12+ months of me and my family...

I am 42 years old. I live in Bordeaux (France).
I have 3 lovely boys : Marin, 15, Alric, 8 and Oscar, 6, and a wonderful husband, Fred.
I work in public health (full time job!)

The main subject of my photos will be my boys, but I also will have other subjects depending on experiences that happen in my everyday life.

... And sorry for my pathetic english : feel free to correct...
And I am waiting for your precious comments to help me to improve...
Thank you ! :)


Objectif : m'amuser tous les jours, avec mon Canon EOS 500D ou mon HTC Desire HD, et faire en sorte que ce projet reflète les 12 (voire plus ?) prochains mois de ma vie... Comme un petit album qu'il suffirait d'ouvrir pour se remémorer tous ces petits moments...

42 ans, originaire de Saint-Malo (Bretagne), j'habite Bordeaux depuis 1995, je suis mariée et maman de 3 garçons , Marin, 14 ans, Alric, 8 ans et Oscar 5 ans, qui seront mes principaux sujets... Les autres sujets s'inspireront du quotidien...
Je travaille dans le domaine de la santé publique, à temps plein.

Merci pour vos commentaires : j'ai besoin de vos précieux conseils pour progresser... :)