Our local library (which we are very lucky to still have) encourages us to do something with our lives. It has windows which encourage us to "Aspire", "explore" and "create". It also contains all the things that anyone might need to do just those very things. I never see young people in libraries anymore...... they obviously have an app for that....... :(

And just to pull me back from the brink of cultural despair, here is a song of hope from someone who still aspires, explores and creates. -

My entry for this week's Fiveplustwo-aspirations theme
good one , love your ivy coat :)
love that song too
posted February 14th, 2018  
Really excellent. Star.
posted February 14th, 2018  
Cool shot...I like the ivy coat too :).
posted February 14th, 2018  
very nicely done!
posted February 14th, 2018  
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