Most Wanted by swillinbillyflynn

Most Wanted

My entry for this weeks fiveplustwo-posters theme.

Some of the more traditional sea shanty bands frown upon what us pirates are doing to their beloved traditional tunes. Particularly as we have a tendency to turn them into rock anthems......... However the audiences seem to love it.

Our aim has always been to take these old songs and breath new life into them to make them more accessibly to a younger generation and help keep this rich tradition alive for future generations to enjoy. We also add quite a few new and original songs of the sea to the genre which people seem to love.

Some of the more forward thinking shanty groups have even taken a lead from us and several of them are even performing some of my original compositions in their sets.

As for me, I have always believed that a good song is a good song, whatever genre you manage to shoe horn it into it will still be a good song. We have therefore introduced our audience to such diverse treats as the Rock shanty, the reggae shanty, the country and western shanty, the punk shanty and even the death metal shanty.

We were also the first band to introduce a full on party dance to the sea shanty genre........ a thing which some die hard traditionalists will never forgive us for...... but we are pirates and we don't care...... them's as dies 'll be the lucky ones. :)
Can you do 'you were gone' ? :-)
November 3rd, 2017  
Great poster. I hope Kitty got the reward.
November 3rd, 2017  
@photohoot We can do anything. :)
November 3rd, 2017  
haha, excellent!!
November 3rd, 2017  
great poster. aces!
November 4th, 2017  
Wonderful :) A Wanted poster is just right for you! :)
November 6th, 2017  
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