Every hero...

Empire of Two Worlds is an old sci-fi novel, apparently.

Quote: "Every hero becomes a bore at last". -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jeez! Who knew HE was such a cynic? 😕

You Aussies might recognise Sydney's Centrepoint Tower here...it's the view from my old bedroom window in Pyrmont.
superb as always, love the "retro" processing
posted June 6th, 2016  
You have a talent for these! I love all of your covers, would buy the albums just for them!
posted June 6th, 2016  
Well what a wonderful view you had. Fab capture 😊
posted June 6th, 2016  
Interesting shot and so creative! Fav
posted June 6th, 2016  
Very creative.
posted June 6th, 2016  
Neat image
posted June 6th, 2016  
Cool picture.
posted June 6th, 2016  
great reflection, love the processing as well
posted June 7th, 2016  
Great shot!!!!
posted June 7th, 2016  
Perfect shot for the quote! Love the mirror image xx
posted June 8th, 2016  
Fantastic as always! I totally agree with @domenicododaro
posted June 9th, 2016  
Cool pic!
posted June 16th, 2016  
Great cover and congrats on being a finalist :)
posted June 16th, 2016  
Hi Tabitha. Hope you haven't left this site forever. Moreover hope everything's okay! :o
posted July 14th, 2016  
@andywallis Indeed I have. Too many nasty pasties here for my taste 😐
There r certain folks I miss, however! If u wanted to connect somewhere else online, I'd be open to that.... ☺
posted August 30th, 2016  
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